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Wildtronics Parabolic Microphone Demonstrations

Below you will find both audio and video demonstrations of some of our products. There are also links to reviews of Wildtronics Parabolic Microphones.

Review from Paul Virostek, a sound effects field recordist and blogger, about the Wildtronics Parabolic Microphones.

Sebastian-Thies Hinrichsen, of the German based Online Magazine, reviews the Wildtronics All Purpose and Pro Amplified Mono-Stereo Parabolic Microphones.

This is our general video presentation describing overall features of the Professional Parabolic Microphone models with sound examples.

Below are a number of audio samples, at a given distance, recorded using the Wildtronics Professional Parabolic Microphones. The only processing was level normalization (gain change) and rumble (<200Hz) cut filters. Post editing would further improve these samples, but the purpose here is to demonstrate the actual mic output. The recordings listed as stereo, unless otherwise noted, were made using only the stereo microphones of a Wildtronics Professional Mono-Stereo Parabolic Microphone, with the dish installed. All other samples were made using the Wildtronics Professional Mono Parabolic Microphone. Some tracks have creek or traffic noises in the background that shouldn't be misunderstood as microphone or system noise. Listen to frequency response and low noise. All the sounds sound very life-like, as if you heard them with your own ears, but at a much closer distance than they were actually recorded from. We included some long range recordings of over 300 feet away in quiet environments to demonstrate the incredible reach of a Wildtronics Professional Parabolic Microphone to pull in even rather quiet birds. It should be noted, that these recording are samples made from a defined distance to demonstrate the capabilities of the Wildtronics Professional Parabolic Microphone, and not absolutely perfect recordings of species that would generally be made at much closer distances. If you are comparing these to other sample sounds, be sure they have stated distances, and processing information as well.

Below is the general video presentation of the Wildtronics Stereo Ambient Array Microphone (SAAM), describing the features.

Below are some audio samples from the Wildtronics Stereo Ambient Array Microphone system.

Below is a sample video made with a Wildtronics Pro Mini Parabolic Kit, using an Audio Technica AT4022 microphone, and a DSLR camera with around a 600mm lens, from about 20 feet away.

Below is a comparison between a quality, long shotgun microphone, the Pro Mini Parabolic Kit, the All Purpose Kit, and the Pro Mono Parabolic Microphone. Birds are recorded simultaneously from 50-200 feet away in varying conditions to show the gain and subject isolation between each microphone. This is a good video to watch if you want to know the difference between systems and are wondering which kit would work best for your application.

Below are some sample recordings done simultaneously with the Mono Parabolic Microphone and Stereo Microphones. The Mono Parabolic Microphone was pointed at a Song Sparrow 50 feet away. Note the dramatic difference is signal strength and isolation the parabolic microphones gives compared to the stereo microphone. Other samples included are different ways to mix the sounds. Note, the Amplified Pro Mono-Stereo includes a built-in mixer.

Below is a comparison between a low noise, long shotgun microphone, a Pro Mini Parabolic and a Pro Mono Parabolic microphone. Even though the shotgun microphone is very low noise, the gain had to be cranked so much that the mic noise became apparent. The Pro Mini, paired with our Amplified Omni Microphone, has a slight performance improvement in both isolation and noise compared with the shotgun microphone at about half the cost, and doesn't need phantom power to operate. The Pro Mono Parabolic further improves subject isolation and noise that would be far more noticeable with more distant subjects, and is still lower in cost compared to the shotgun microphone. Lower cost shotgun microphones would have far worse performance, and higher cost shotgun microphones won't make much difference than the one used in the test.

Below is a video overview of the 5 different Pro Parabolic Microphone models, what is similar and what the differences are.

Below are a few examples using the Wildtronics Professional Parabolic Microphone in combination with a DSLR camera and external audio recorder. Our Accessory Bar-1 Kit was used to mount both the camera, audio recorder, and parabolic dish to a tripod, so they both track together, allowing one person to accomplish all the video and audio recording. Equivalent lenses used were 800-1400mm. Imagine what you can capture now that you can have great audio of your distant subject!

First is a Hooded Warbler captured from 40 and 55 feet away.

Here is an Gray Catbird captured from 50 feet away.

Here is a short hands-on description of the three 22-inch parabolic reflectors available for all the Pro Parabolic and All Purpose Parabolic models.